Review:LessLoss XLR Digital Cable

December 9, 2010

Russell Lichter has posted a review of the LessLoss XLR digital cable ($595) at The Stereo Times. His conclusions:

So for this test I called the big guns, an unbiased auditioner with unquestionably better hearing than my own, who neither knew nor cared which cable was which, and whom I had not prejudiced with tales of my prior experiences — my wife. She described the first cable (the LLDC) as presenting a “wall of sound,” noting that she could feel the bass notes of the pipe organ vibrating in her chest. (If you've ever been to a live organ performance, you will know exactly what she meant.) She did not have this experience with the second cable (OEM), which she further characterized as “sounding a little flat.” The first cable felt more like actually “being at the performance” presenting greater image clarity and specificity. With the first cable she was able to easily picture the space in which the musicians played, that is, there was greater ambient retrieval. She had a sense of actually “being there.” Whereas she had no such sense with the second cable. Nor did she have to struggle with the comparison by having me swap cables repeatedly back and forth: the differences were immediately obvious. Nothing subtle about it!

You can read the full review here, although, frankly, I wouldn’t bother. It is primarily a diatribe against objectivists and, in the end, the reviewer relies on his wife to validate his conclusions.