Stage III Minotaur and Zyklop Power Cords

December 4, 2010

Marshall Nack has posted a review of the Minotaur ($4000) and Zyklop ($6000) power cords at Positive Feedback Online. His conclusions:

There are many PCs that can do what I'm describing above. What makes the Stage III PCs different is they combine these analytical strengths with musical virtues: I don't feel like any part of the musical content is being shorted. Timbre is excellent. The baroque violin has an abundance of high overtones, which gives it a strident top end—not exactly pleasant but necessary. Body is VERY fulsome. Timing is A+. These Stage III PCs manage to cover all fronts. They will satisfy both the analytical enthusiast and the music lovers among us…

The Zyklop and the Minotaur are a pair of world-class power products. These Stage III power cords up the ante on every score. For those of us with an analytical bent, you will hear more detail, better imaging, and less noise. For those who don't give a rat's tail about analysis and just want to hear music, you will hear more of it as well. These two cords clean up the signal without stripping off any musical content. Both types of listeners will find their listening pleasure enhanced. The Stage III Zyklop and the Minotaur get my top recommendation.

You can read the full reviewhere.