Sablon Audio Robusto Power Cable

November 8, 2010

Jeff Day has posted a review of the Sablon Audio power cable ($625) at Positive Feedback Online. His conclusions:

The Sablon Audio The Robusto power cord is a remarkable achievement in a power cord design, with performance that puts it right at the very top rung in the super power cord category, and for many, particularly those with equipment that is to the neutral or brighter side of life, it will come as a revelation in the way it improves overall musicality.

Like its name implies, the Robusto is rich and full-bodied in its presentation of the music, with superb bass performance and dynamics. The Robusto performs remarkably well both sonically and musically, and particularly serves equipment well that needs to be nudged towards a fuller, richer, more dynamic sound. I can't imagine a better choice of power cord than the Robusto, and I really can't imagine anyone being disappointed with its performance, with the caveat that if your system is already sounding laid back, kind of dark, and a bit heavy in the bass, then you would be better off with the Acoustic Revive Power Reference, which will balance out those attributes better.

You can read the full review here.