Nordost Odin Cables

October 14, 2010

Paul Bolin has posted a review of the top of the line, and very expensive, Nordost Odin interconnects, speaker cables and power cords at The Audio Beat. His conclusions:

Fifteen years ago, Nordost’s SPM shattered all of my previous expectations of what audio cabling could do and its importance in assembling and optimizing a system. Nearly ten years ago, Valhalla blew by the SPM. Today, Odin has decisively surpassed the still-excellent Valhalla and gone where no cabling has gone before. There is not one thing about any of the Odin cables that is remotely practical or conventionally sensible, but if you have pockets deep enough to afford the best of the best, I am sorry to report to you that you will not be hearing everything that your system can do unless Odin holds pride of place.

I have spent much of the last fifteen years reviewing audio components. In that time, Odin stands as one of the five most important and game-changing products I have heard. It is therefore impossible for me to not give these interconnects, speaker cables and power cords my most enthusiastic endorsement. Those interested in the bleeding edge of the audio arts simply must hear them.

You can read the full review here.