Neotech Amazon Series Cables

December 16, 2010

Clement Perry has posted a review of the Neotech Amazon Series cables (speaker cables interconnects $8000, interconnects $5500) at Stereo Times. His conclusions:

For some who have auditioned this system, the highs are too laid back and don't have enough oomph. I'm not sure what to say in argument. I happen to enjoy the Bybee perspective on high frequencies. The Neotech Amazon wires do behave differently; they provide a tad more air and emphasis in the highs, characteristics which tend to make the music more “alive,” as if, metaphorically, the recording venue were better illuminated. The overall feel of the Amazons is closer to live in respect to image depth and width, the physical dimensions of the instruments. The Neotech Amazon cables are capable of sounding totally unrestricted in reach, yet they never lose control or sound hard and brittle. I do not think they're as ultimately resolving as the Bybees though they're remarkably similar in their unrestricted dynamic intensity, ease and grace, no matter the program source or volume level. And do note that I've had cables that are more popular and more expensive than the Bybees fall flat in direct comparison. So I am here to state that the Neotechs not only held its own against the more expensive Bybees, but sounded as if they were cut from a similar cloth…

As had the speaker cables, the Neotech interconnects stood out from a crowd of contenders with their immediacy, liquidity and dynamic response. With other cables, some of them very expensive and noteworthy, I just didn't get the same sense of focus, dynamic contrast and most importantly, enjoyment factor. These strengths of the Amazon interconnects could not have been better illustrated than in this setup.

If you have the financial means to own cables such as the Neotech Amazon series, don't hesitate placing them on your short list of serious contenders. They are new creations and their only “crime” is limited exposure in the audiophile community. I personally find them to be among the most dynamic and tonally-correct cables I've heard. My enthusiastic 2010 Most Wanted Component Publisher's Choice!

You can read the full review here.