MIT Oracle MA-X Digital and Analog Cables

November 4, 2010

Ed Momkus has posted a review of MIT Oracle MA-X digital and analog cables ($3499-$8499) at Dagogo. His conclusions:

To be sure, the network boxes on MIT’s cables can pose some challenges where the height of your speaker’s connections exceeds the length of the cable after the network box. You need to properly secure the network boxes so as not to damage the cable. I was able to address this issue without much problem, but then I have various supports from my past experience with using Z-Sleeves on speaker cables. MIT provides velcro straps to help you deal with this if it applies to your setup.

These are absolutely fantastic cables for the serious audiophile. They would be phenomenal cables without them, but I cannot overemphasize the contribution played by the impedance-matching and articulation adjustment controls. The ability to rapidly get to your preferred musical presentation without trying dozens of cable combinations is a major advantage of Oracle MA-X cables. If you have the money and want a straight beeline to the best sound from your combination of components, these cables will get you there fast. Moreover, you'll also be able to change out and audition other components without wondering whether they might have sounded better with other cables. The price of such convenience is obviously high, but it's hard to imagine that you would ever have a need to replace your cable again.

So, you can say all you want about insane audio pricing and the high-end market, as well as continue your search for the $1,000 pair of cables that sound as good as an $8,500 pair of cables, but the truth is that the MIT Oracle MA-X series of digital cables and interconnects is phenomenal. Very expensive, but very highly recommended.

You can read the full review here.