Kaplan Cable GS Speaker Cables

September 20, 2010

Henry Wilkenson has posted a review of the GS speaker cables ($1,595) from newcomer Kaplan Cables at Audiophilia. His conclusions:

There are other cables out there that one might prefer subjectively for one sonic characteristic or another. At first listen, the treble of the GS cables may not appear to be as “extended” as other cables, but in fact, there is no loss of extension, detail or resolution. Simply there is a lack of the brightness that inevitably results in listener fatigue. No one area of the sonic spectrum is emphasized over another. If you are seeking speaker cables as tone controls, the Kaplan Cable GS speaker cable is not for you. The performance of the GS Cable however, is far more than the sum of its “non-sonic” parts, if you will. They are simply put, very honest and very well balanced.

You can read the full review here.