Clarity Cable Organic and Vortex Series Cables

December 3, 2010

Doug Schroeder has posted a review of the Clarity Cable Organic digital cable ($700), Organic interconnects (unbalanced $1800, balanced $2400), Organic speakers cables ($2600) and Vortex power cable ($750) at Dagogo. His conclusions:

I’ll cut to the chase and tell you these are the best I’ve used yet. Have I said that prior? Of course, not out of reviewer puffery, but out of truth. I’ve been testing, comparing and upgrading cables over the past five years, and Clarity Cable is easily the pinnacle to date. I’ve used networked, non-networked, thin conductor, fat conductor, low total gauge and high total gauge, as well as an assortment of geometries. In reviewing, I have regularly used groupings of cables costing from $15-60K. Yet, this is the best by a long shot…

One aspect is their geometry, a closely held secret of Chris and Melissa Owen, the owners. Chris has the cred in terms of his engineering degree in electronics, plus experience in the industry to come up with this design. Ignore the seen-one-you’ve-seen-them-all jacket. This cable is a barnburner. With a big ticket system it’s comparable sonically to the American Express Centurion card. Pull them out, put them to work and let the “stun factor” set in. Whereas other cables might “improve” system sound somewhat, Clarity Cable’s products seem to leverage system performance with each piece inserted. When in the above case two power cables inserted into a rig result in a perceptual change equivalent to a componentswap, there’s something potent happening.

You can read the full review here.