Audience Interconnects, Speaker Cables and AC Cords

December 1, 2010

Marc Andrew has posted a review of the Audience Au24e interconnects ($877), Au24e speaker cables($1523) and PowerChord e power cords ($594), together with a tour of the Audience factory. His conclusions:

Audience LLC has been around since 1997 because they make excellent products, with pride, in California, for what are fair prices considering the quality of construction, performance, and research involved in bringing these cables to market. The same applies to their power conditioners, and speakers, which I saw being assembled first hand during my visit to the factory.

While the Audience cables are not cheap, they easily go head to head with competition charging two to three times as much. I was seduced by their refined, balanced presentation and their ability to disappear from the proceedings and allow the music to flow gracefully. I get irritated by companies promoting “magic wire”, and Audience is refreshingly 100% free of any outlandish claims. They offer properly engineered, well built cables with high quality conductors that should work in most systems. Audience also provides custom lengths and terminations upon request. If you are shopping for state of the art interconnects, I would highly advise you include Audience cables on your short list to demo.

You can read the full review here.