Rein Audio X-Phone Headphone Amplifier

June 7, 2013


Marcusd has posted a review of the Rein Audio X-Phone headphone amplifier ($640) at Headfonics. His conclusions:

“When I first picked up the X-Phone I really wasn’t too sure but with careful matching I really grew to admire the X-phone strengths as a frighteningly accurate, clear and fast headphone amp. It’s presentation is top notch and the current price right now is very appealing indeed. The higher impedance output does mean though that you need to think about which headphone works best combined with that cleaner tonality and for me matching with headphones that are not inherently bright perhaps even dark such as the Senn HD650, the Hifiman HE400 and the LCD-2 rev 2 are going to give better results. I still can’t believe though how enjoyable I found the matching with the HD800 for my nerd music – did you guys tune with the HD800 as a reference at any point in the process? Most curious indeed.”

You can read the full review here.