Ortofon, The Cartridge Man, Nagaoka and VPI/SoundSmith Phono Cartridges

February 4, 2016


Kevin Walker has posted a review of the Ortofon 2M Black ($799), The Cartridge Man Music Maker III (£550), Nagaoka MP-500 ($799), and VPI/SoundSmith Zephyr ($999) phono cartridges at The Audio Beat. His conclusions:

“Although I may seem to appear a bit hard on these cartridges, I would use any of them over any comparably priced high- or low-output moving-coil. I think each of these cartridges could suit a different listener or situation, but what’s obvious to me is that this type of cartridge is far too good to be overlooked in a high-quality audio system.”

You can read the full review here.