Merrill Audio Announces New Cara Preamplifier

April 7, 2016


Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC is proud to announce a new level of control and performance for a pre-amplifier price point, the Cara Pre-amplifier, with a frequency response to 200kHz within 0.1dB. With a huge set of features, the Cara Pre-amplifier is a must for any level or resolution system and brings in a new performance price point.

The Cara Pre-amplifier employs a circuit design that delivers exceptional detail and astonishing realism with excellent control to create a revolution in pre-amplifiers.

Using transformer like circuits that achieve CMRR of a balance transformer with the gain, drive and bandwidth of active circuitry, the Cara Pre-amplifier brings a new level of input line noise rejection and output line noise reduction. Already a quiet pre-amplifier, the Cara provides an exceptional level of control and sound, with capability to drive cables long distances and maintain excellent noise rejection from the input and output components.

With active gain control circuit design for the volume control, the Cara Pre-amplifier achieves a very wide range of attenuation and gain, ranging from -99 dB to +15 dB allowing for volume control of high output DACs and low output phono stages, all in 0.5dB steps.

Offering dual independently set outputs, the Cara is excellent for Bi-amping and monitoring, with each output capable of having a difference of up to 115 dB from the other. Each of the 4 inputs has independent preset gain settings that allow normalizing of the different inputs. Each input preset allows a +/- 12dB setting, and in combination allows input variations of up to 48dB to be normalized. A large LED display allows easy viewing of channel volume and information. The Display brightness can be set, has delayed dimming and turn off. Further control on your system is provided with a Max Volume setting, Min Volume Setting, Remote Trigger for on/off of other components. All settings are saved in permanent memory and fully configurable with the remote.

Using an external Power supply, the Cara Pre-amplifier seems like a Passive Volume control and its high current output drives long cables with ease. Input impedance is at 100k ohms; a very easy load to any source component. The Cara Pre-amplifier has a rich Musical Sound that crosses Tube and Solid State aficionados with the speed and control that only solid state can provide.

The Cara Pre-amplifier will have its Debut at AXPONA 2016, Room 520 and Munich High End Show 2016.

This is a typical response to the early audition of the Cara: “Details, staging, dynamics, PRAT and musical fun are top notch; it was very clear that this is just what I needed to get the emotion back in my system.” – JWV, The Netherlands

With the award winning Amplifiers like the VERITAS Monoblocks, Thor Monoblocks and Jens Phono stage, which Harry Weisfeld has stated is the best phono stage he has ever heard, Merrill Audio has been providing excellent value and some of the highest performance Audio products that include Power Amplifiers, Pre-amplifiers, Phono Pre-amplifiers, Interconnects, Speaker Cables and Power Cords.


Input Voltage: +/- 10v
Output Voltage: +/- 12V
Frequency Response: 0.1dB 8 Hz to 200 kHz
S/N Ratio: 110db
THD: 0.002%
Inputs: 4 inputs with individual gain presets
Outputs: 2 outputs with individual level presets
Volume range: -99db to +15db (0 to +115)
Input Pre-set Range: +/- 12dB
Output Pre-set Range: 0 to 115dB
Preset Max volume level: 0 to 115dB
Preset Min Volume level: 0 to 115 dB
Display Brightness settings: 1 to 9, and off
Display delay dim time range: 5 sec to 25 sec
Permanently saved settings
External Power Supply with 110v/240v
Remote Control
Display Size: 1.25″H x 6″ wide Blue LED Dot Matrix
Remote Trigger: 12V

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