Mapletree Audio Line 2B SE Preamplifier

October 11, 2014


Tim Smith has posted a review of the Mapletree Audio Line 2B SE preamplifier ($830) at Wall of Sound. His conclusions:

“This marvellous preamplifier commits no sins, neither of commission nor of omission. Some may wish for a larger soundstage but I see no need. It is sufficiently bodacious for me, with no silicon-state enhancements. For the price–for three times the price–it is flawless. The only drawback is that the remote control can power just one input at a time. (Then again most $1300 preamps don’t come with a remote at all.) Other than that, I have no complaints. Having heard preamps costing $5,000 sound far worse than the Mapletree, I am at once overjoyed and disappointed. Overjoyed because of the high-valued product that Dr. Peppard is making available, but disappointed in the knowledge that so much gear for sale is overpriced. I regard the Mapletree Line 2BSE as one of the very best buys in the world of audio.”

You can read the full review here.