Magico S1 Mk.II Loudspeaker

June 15, 2016


Hans Wetzel has posted a review of the Magico S1 Mk.II loudspeakers ($16,500) at SoundStage! Hi-Fi. His conclusions:

“With its immaculately lifelike sound, sterling midrange neutrality, and soaring top end, Magico’s S1 Mk.II revealed an incredible amount of low-level musical detail without sounding clinical, and was engaging without resorting to artifice. Most impressive, it produced a good portion of the tight-fisted, concussive bass you’d expect from a small three-way design, and in that sense is the first two-way speaker I’ve heard that doesn’t sound like a two-way.”

You can read the full review here.

You can read my review of the original Magico S1 loudspeakers here.