Gauder Akustik Berlina RC 9 Loudspeaker

May 16, 2016


Andre Jennings has posted a review of the Gauder Akustik Berlina RC 9 loudspeakers ($175,000/pair) at The Absolute Sound. His conclusions:

“Loudspeakers are often described as being a window to the performance. The best of them remove the window (and walls) entirely in an effort to place you within the performance, capture you, and let you explore—holistically or analytically—the essence of the composition as well as the individual music lines. The Berlina RC 9 fits the description of the best of them. This is not because of price (which is in part the result of using incredibly expensive pure-diamond midrange and tweeter drivers); it is because of the consistently stable pianissimo-to-fortississimo resolution, clarity, and dynamic capabilities within its methodically crafted DNA.a”

You can read the full review here.