Furutech GTX DR NCF Duplex Receptacle, GTX Receptacle Wall Frame, and GTX 104-D Outlet Cover

March 8, 2016


Victor Chavira has posted a review of the GTX DR NCF duplex receptacle ($260), GTX receptacle wall frame ($111), and GTX 104-D outlet cover ($160) at Positive Feedback. His conclusions:

“The best thing is can say about the Furutech package is that the sound of my system remained true. The tones and timbres did not shift along the spectrum. Images of instruments and musicians became more sharply focused and independent like objects in a diorama rather than paintings on a wall. Because the Furutech AC package inhibits grunge from entering the system and maximizes current flow, noise levels vanished and notes decayed into super silence.”

You can read the full review here.