FM Acoustics FM 122 MKII Phono Stage, FM 133 Linearizer, FM 155 Preamplifier, and FM 108 Monoblocks

March 14, 2016


Jacek Pazio has posted a review of the FM Acoustics FM 122 MKII phono stage (10,920 CHF), FM 133 linearizer (10,680 CHF), FM 155 preamplifier (9,990 CHF), and FM 108 monoblock amplifiers (17,960 CHF/pair) at Sound Rebels. His conclusions:

” I will recommend to listen to the tested system at your own leisure, in your own listening room, with some good music. It may turn out, that you are open and discerning enough, that you may skip the part of being enchanted by the artificial wow factor, in favor of the music itself.”

You can read the full review here.