Excite X18 Loudspeaker

May 5, 2016


Rene van Es has posted a review of the Excite X18 loudspeakers (£1195/pair) at The Ear. His conclusions:

“This may come as a shock to long time Dynaudio users, for the new standard has more emphasis on the midrange and less on the amount of bass energy, but the higher notes are still detailed and never harsh. This should mean a Dynaudio might fit better into modern interiors, often with hard walls, transparent curtains, leather furniture and tiled floors, all fitted into rectangular rooms. Less bass is needed since it can no longer be absorbed by thick carpets and velvet curtains. Dynaudio has delivered a modern loudspeakers , ready for the future, with high build quality and as always a beautiful sound signature.”

You can read the full review here.