Constellation Audio Inspiration Preamplifier 1.0 and Mono 1.0 Power Amplifier

January 18, 2016


Alan Sircom has posted a review of the Constellation Audio Inspiration Preamp 1.0 line preamplifier (£9000) and Mono 1.0 power amplifier (£19,976/pair) at Hi-Fi+. His conclusions:

“[W]hat Inspiration has done is light a torch under the competition; these are products that play in the £50,000 league for £10,000 a piece. In fairness, bringing better performance to more attainable prices has been something Constellation Audio has been doing for a while, in that the Performance sounded more like the Reference models than they had any right to… and the Reference sounded like nothing heard in amps before.”

You can read the full review here.