Channel D Releases the New Pure Music Version 2

May 16, 2014


Channel D, developers of the innovative and award-winning Pure Vinyl™ and Pure Music® computer audio software for Apple Macintosh computers and the creator of the Seta® Ultra Wide Bandwidth Balanced Flat Phono Preamplifiers has released a major update to its Pure Music® software. The new Pure Music 2 software includes dozens of new features and performance enhancements. Channel D will be demonstrating Pure Music 2 and Pure Vinyl 4 at the upcoming T.H.E. “Newport Beach” CA audio expo May 30 – June 1, 2014 (Hilton Room 912, facing the 9th floor elevator exit). The occasion also marks Channel D’s 3rd consecutive appearance at the Newport audiophile trade show.

The new Pure Music 2 includes more than 50 new features, user interface and performance enhancements, including a simplified, streamlined user interface with resizable sound level metering display, automatically linked with the iTunes library window; mastering quality DSD to PCM file conversion; revised dithering and tighter I/O processing for improved sound; expanded audio plug- in support (including various room correction and EQ plug-ins); a Quick Playlist feature for creating ad-hoc playlists sans iTunes; volume and balance controls with 0.1 dB resolution; and front panel polarity inversion and mono buttons.

Ever since Pure Music Version 1.0 was originally released in March 2010 by Channel D, it has been recognized as a leader in the computer audio arena, bringing new capabilities and setting standards for performance, product stability and customer support. For example, Pure Music was the world’s first audiophile player software to support DSD playback (May 2011) and also the first player allowing non-native audio file types such as FLAC (and later DSD) to be displayed and used via the iTunes user interface without altering the original files, a patent-pending innovation (2010).

Pure Music 2 (still) retails for its original 2010 price of $129. Upgrades to Pure Music 2 are free for users who purchased a license in the last 15 months. Previous users may upgrade for the special price of only $44.95 until May 28, 2014; $74.95 thereafter.

Robert Robinson, Channel D’s Director of Engineering said, “Pure Music evolved out of our Pure Vinyl software to satisfy the need for reasonably priced computer audio playback software. The closest priced alternative at the time was well over $1000, and audiophiles were purchasing Pure Vinyl for more than $200 just to use its high resolution digital playback engine and seamless iTunes integration. Since Pure Music’s original debut in 2010 we have delivered more than 50 free Pure Music software updates representing over 350 new features and improvements. The release of Pure Music 2 marks a major milestone in its continued development.”

Brand New Features in Pure Music 2

• New user interface for main controller / meter bar window
• Supports “Cocoa” UI for AudioUnit Plug-Ins
• LINK button allows disabling Pure Music and iTunes automatic window docking
• Meter bar now automatically resizes to full width of iTunes window (with LINK engaged)
• Meter bar can be resized independently of iTunes window
• New Transparency control to make the meter / controller a see-through window
• New FLOAT function keeps Pure Music window on top of all others
• Jog-style Volume slider with 0.1 dB precision
• Volume balance knob with precision 0.1 dB control
• Interactive volume and balance display in meter window
• Menu command to save all plug-in settings and window positions at once
• Menu command to show or hide all plug-in settings windows at once
• Added 48 dB / octave Linkwitz – Riley crossover option to all crossover configurations
• New Quick Playlist feature for quickly playing FLAC or DSD files (and other formats) via ad-hoc playlists, independent of iTunes and without needing to create Bookmarks
• Can add groups of files or folders to Quick Playlist with OPEN… command
• File Converter now provides choice of converting to Apple Lossless or AIFF
• File Sample Rate Converter can downsample DXD format (352.8 kHz) files
• Supports having more than one music storage volume with the same name

Sound Quality Enhancements

• Improvement to dither sound quality
• Dithering can be used with the Audio File Sample Rate Converter feature
• Dithering now active for all volume settings when using Upsampling

Enhancements to DSD Support

• Configuring Pure Music for a native DSD (DoP) device is now a one-click operation
• Mastering-Quality DSD to PCM File Converter with multiple configuration and output options
• Eliminated visible setting for DSD Flag. To toggle flag from 05FA to AAAA and vice versa hold down the Option key while pressing the Copy Name… button
• Added check box to enable DSD AC3 binary stream format for drivers that support it
• Worked around a bug in .dff files written by certain standalone TASCAM DSD recorders (DV-RA1000HD in particular) that prevented such files from playing in Pure Music (an incorrect value was written in the file by the TASCAM recorder)

Enhancements to Existing Features

• Can choose location for storing Bookmarks
• Improvement to playthrough device synchronization and latency
• Ensures Played Count and Last Played Date are updated in iTunes
• Improvements to Gapless playback track analysis mechanism
• New “link to next track” keyword in Comments field to force gapless linking
• Simplified Dithering choices
• Preserves state of Less is More Mode across launches
• Incorporates album art for FLAC files if not present in original file but included in the album folder as folder.jpg, cover.jpg, folder.png, cover.png or AlbumName.jpg (or .png), where AlbumName is the name of the enclosing folder

Bug Fixes

• Corrected problem which caused iTunes to be muted if Pure Music enters Playthrough mode directly after launch
• Stereo dither check box now works (was ignored and always stereo previously)
• Includes internal hint to Energy Saver API to not allow App Nap, which caused playback to pause under Mavericks (10.9.1 or later) when the monitor sleeps
• Fixed positioning issue with Pure Music “hidden UI” placard
• Eliminates issue with the File Converter (formerly Convert to Apple Lossless), which used the word length specified in the Sample Rate Converter settings instead of the word length of the original file
• Eliminated cause of freeze for Add FLAC/DSD… operation when converting a folder if a .txt file was present in the album folder
• File Converter no longer skips non-FLAC files having a 44.1 kHz sample rate
• Eliminates iTunes 11 “first track” selection issue after launching Pure Music, when using Remote App
• Eliminated lock-up that could happen when trying to perform an Add FLAC / DSD… operation after playing Gapless tracks
• Eliminated issue that could cause beginning of a track to be skipped after a sample rate change
• Plus additional performance enhancements and bug fixes

The Pure Music 2 Demo / Update is available at: