Brinkmann’s “MQA-ready” DAC Debuts At The Munich Hi-Fi Show

April 22, 2016


Thirty years after the introduction of their first Digital-to-Analog Converter, Brinkmann Audio is proud to introduce “Nyquist,” the world’s most advanced DAC, at the 2016 Munich HiFi Show. Authored by the newly expanded Brinkmann design team, Nyquist sets new standards in adaptability, user-friendliness, performance and long-term value.

Although Brinkmann is often “Typecast” as a designer and manufacturer of State-of-the-Art analog components, the company’s first DAC, “Zenith,” debuted in 1986 and still maintains a devoted cult following. It was during the development of Zenith that Brinkmann first recognized the importance of analog circuitry and passive filter implementation in the design of high end digital components. Everything Brinkmann learned with Zenith—combined with three decades of subsequent engineering experience—has resulted in Nyquist: the culmination of Brinkmann’s vast audio design expertise.

An entirely new design, Nyquist’s hardware has been optimized to accommodate the latest digital formats. Most importantly, it supports MQA™ (Master Quality Authenticated) streaming and playback up to 384kHz. MQA delivers master quality audio in a file that’s small enough to stream or download, making “Hi-Res” audio available to a vastly expanded universe of users and devices. When MQA is not available, the Nyquist also supports current digital standards including PCM up to 384 kHz/32 bits as well as DSD 64 and 128. Given that future formats will inevitably appear, both the Hardware and Software of Nyquist’s Digital Module are easily user-replaceable. This field-upgradable architecture assures unprecedented longevity and enables Nyquist to remain on the cutting edge of digital technology. Nyquist virtually eliminates obsolescence, making it audio’s first-and-only “Investment Quality” digital component.

Proprietary high voltage power supply technology—unique among digital source components—delivers marked improvements in digital circuit performance as do custom filters in the digital domain. In a nod to Brinkmann’s renowned “Marconi” Line Preamplifier and “Edison” Phono Stage, the Nyquist employs hybrid circuit topology, with tubes used in the output stage due to their instantaneous response to voltage changes.

Nyquist is no less remarkable in terms of its connectivity, featuring USB, SPDIF, optical and Ethernet inputs. Balanced, single-ended and Headphone outputs are also included. Designed for unprecedented ease of use, Nyquist offers RoonReady™ network playback and music management and supports several streaming services while optimized, pre-selected filters have been carefully tailored for every digital format. A comprehensive remote handset offers control of volume, input selection, mute and phase.

Brinkmann will debut a prototype of the Nyquist at the 2016 Munich HiFi Show, Atrium 4, E108. The system will also feature Brinkmann‘s Spyder Turntable, 10.5 tonearm, Edison phono stage, Marconi preamp, Vandersteen M7-HPA and 5A Carbon Loudspeakers, HRS stands and Audioquest cabling.

Nyqist will be available Q4, 2016 at an MSRP of approx. 12.000€

Source: Press Release