Boulder 2110 Preamplifier and 2160 Stereo Power Amplifier

March 20, 2016


Alan Sircom has posted a review of the Boulder Amplifiers 2110 preamplifier (£55,000) and 2160 stereo power amplifier (£53,000) at Hi-Fi+. His conclusions:

“The Boulder 2110 preamp and 2160 power amps are among the heaviest and most expensive amplifiers we have ever tested at Hi-Fi+. They are also in the absolute top class in everything else, too. They are built to last (and survive anything up to and possibly including a direct hit by a meteor) and they make almost everything else sound like it’s compromised somehow. This brings a new definition to the terms ‘transparency’ and ‘accuracy’ in audio amplification.”

You can read the full review here.