Ayre Introduces the QX-5 Twenty Digital Hub

May 3, 2016


Ayre’s latest entry in the world of digital audio combines a decades-long record of ground-breaking innovation in both digital and analog audio with revolutionary features to set a new benchmark in the field.

Every conceivable digital input, including Ethernet, Streamlength asynchronous USB, S/PDIF (in three different formats), and even direct connection to thumb drives and NAS storage allows for unlimited flexibility and convenience. Streaming with both Tidal and Deezer are fully supported, and Roon ready control is directly integrated as well. Whether your music library comprises physical media, computer- based files, or streamed from the highest quality lossless services, all are seamlessly accessible with unprecedented ease.

Ayre is proud to partner with ESS Technologies (www.esstech.com) to debut their new flagship D/A converter chip, the ES9038PRO in the QX-5. This advanced device builds on ESS’s award-winning technology to set new standards for linearity and dynamic range. Combined with Ayre’s custom minimum-phase digital filter, implemented in a low noise FPGA, this synergistic integration renders an astonishing level of detail and purity. Delivering all of music’s emotional power to the listener – regardless of format.

Ayre has also partnered with Morion (www.morion.com.ru) to develop a new high-performance crystal oscillator that offers the lowest levels of phase noise in the industry. Morion has decades of experience supplying satellite-grade crystal oscillators, including those powering the guidance system of the International Space Station. A specially developed new doubly-rotated cut quartz crystal allows this high level of performance to be achieved without the need for expensive temperature-controlled ovens. Precision timing is at the heart of conversion between the digital and analog domains, and the ease and fluidity of analog is fully realized for the first time with the QX-5.

The Ayre QX-5 Twenty : digital hub—This is music!

Source: Press Release