Audio Alchemy DDP-1 Preamplifier, DPA-1 Power Amplifier, and DPA-1M Monoblock Amplifiers

March 10, 2016


Robert Harley has posted a review of the Audio Alchemy DDP-1 preamplifier ($1995), DPA-1 power amplifier ($1995), and DPA-1M monoblock amplifiers ($3990/pair) at The Absolute Sound. His conclusions:

“These new products are a far cry from the Alchemy of yore, with much more advanced engineering, upscale casework, and a superb user interface. The DDP-1 and DPA-1 bring terrific sound and stunning value to the category. As a linestage, the DDP-1 is amazingly clean and transparent. Unlike most electronics of this price, the DDP-1 doesn’t add a patina of electronic hardness over instrumental timbres. Nor does it add opacity to the soundstage or compress dynamics.”

You can read the full review here.