Alpha Design Labs ADL H118 Headphones

June 5, 2013


Audiohead has posted a review of the Alpha Design Labs ADL H118 headphones ($270) at Audiohead. His conclusions:

“Overall I found the Alpha Desigh Labs H118 to be very comfortable, both in terms of fit and sound signature. Look to these headphones if you like a little extra bass in your audio punch. I’m a fan of laid back sound signature and it resemblance to the Sennheiser HD650, even though it is not an exact replicate across all audiophile metrics. The unique triangle-shaped ear pads were surprisingly comfortable to my ears and build was solid for the price. The H118 is definitely a pair of cans you will want to check out if you are looking for a mid priced headphone with a slightly bass-forward, closed-back design.”

You can read the full review here.