Alluxity PRE ONE Preamplifier and Power ONE Amplifier

April 28, 2016


Matej Isak has posted a review of the Alluxity PRE ONE preamplifier (€6750) and Power ONE amplifier (€9250) at Mono and Stereo. His conclusions:

“Alluxity The PRE ONE and Power ONE amplifier packs the power and control without stepping into the the reserved territory. While Alluxity The PRE ONE acts on its own as a mighty performer with clean layout and multitude of the connections, when paired with the Power ONE amplifier the real synergy comes to play. You might spent countless ours in finding the right, matching partners in creating the balanced system, yet Alluxity combo comes with the brand’s own distinguished DNA and immediate synergy locking at your plate.”

You can read the full review here.