Allnic Audio A-5000 DHT Monoblock Power Amplifier

June 14, 2012

Art Dudley has posted a review of the Allnic Audio A-5000 DHT monoblock power amplifiers ($19,900/pair) at Stereophile. His conclusions:

“That brings to mind the predictable question: Can a pair of these amplifiers really be worth $19,900? As John Atkinson suggested in his recent review of the Lamm M1.2 monoblocks ($23,890/pair), the prospective buyer might consider that significantly more expensive amps are no longer quite so rare, crazy though that sounds. Whether an audio product has established itself as a classic—or appears to have the potential to be one—may also be germane.

The Allnic A-5000 DHT hasn’t been around long enough to be a classic, but it has already succeeded at recasting the classic 300B sound in a manner that I find both beautiful and compellingly explicit: It’s a fine, fine amplifier, and its departure from my home won’t please me at all. Recommended.”

You can read the full review here.