Zanden Model 3100 Preamplifier

March 18, 2014


Roy Gregory has posted a review of the Zanden Model 3100 preamplifier (£11,495) at Hi-Fi+. His conclusions:

“It’s deft and agile, so that rather than bludgeoning momentum you get a sense of direction and purpose in the performance. This ability to fasten on what matters in the music is what sets the Zanden products apart. It allows the musicians to engage the listener, the listener to engage with the system – and that’s exactly what audio electronics should be all about. It’s a while since I had the Model 1200 phono-stage at home, or Zanden’s four-box CD player, but both have lingered long in my memory. More recently, the Model 1300 phono-stage has seriously impressed and now the Model 3100 joins that list. Zanden is succeeding in delivering the almost magical performance it built its reputation on, but at much more affordable prices. It’s still not exactly pocket change, but the Model 3100 is their most attractive and might just be their most engaging and enjoyable line-stage to date. In material terms it might seem expensive until you remember that it’s not about the metalwork, it’s about the music; that’s when you realize just what stunning value the Zanden really represents.”

You can read the full review here.