Wywires Gold Series Interconnects

October 1, 2012

Robert H. Levi has posted a review of the Wywires Gold Series interconnects ($1400) at Positive Feedback. His conclusions:

” As a high-value, over-achieving interconnect, it is hard to beat the WyWires Gold series. This new formulation from WyWires is easy to love and wonderful to use. The Golds include Bybee filters carefully built in to the wires right at the connector, and allows the Golds to out-shine the competition. With oodles of definition and extraordinary quietude and blackness, the Golds are one of the best interconnects on the market under $2000 per meter… maybe THE best.

I recommend the WyWires Gold Interconnects with no reservations! Very well done, WyWires! ”

You can read the full review here.