Vaughn Barbera Loudspeaker

August 2, 2012

Terry London has posted a review of the Vaughn Barbera loudspeaker ($3995/pair) at HomeTheaterReview. His conclusions:

“The Barbera offers a very high level of performance at an amazing price. It’s packed with a lot of innovative ideas that pan out in a very dynamic, musical yet refined sonic presentation. You can use it for high-end two-channel music systems, and it will fit in a high-level home theater rig and give thrills and chills with its explosive dynamics. The Barbera is only sold factory direct, but you get a 30-day trial period. You will have to pay for return shipping if you do not want to keep the speakers. If the Barbera were sold in retail outlets, the price would be twice what Jim Jordan offers. Vaughn Loudspeakers is a very solid company with a growing reputation that’s been around for many years, so any concerns about service and resale value should be very minimal. If you’re shopping in this price range for a floor-stander, I highly recommend you audition this speaker.”

You can read the full review here.