Unison Research Unico Primo Integrated Amplifier

May 1, 2012

Andre Marc has posted a review of the Unison Reseach Unico Primo integrated amplifier ($2150) at Positive feedback. His conclusions:

“The Unico Primo hybrid integrated amplifier is a beautiful component, both sonically, and visually. It combines the best of both worlds, with quiet operation, and a smooth, harmonically rich performance across the whole frequency spectrum. Regardless of source, it performed flawlessly in my system. Coupled with the CD Primo, it was a two of a perfect pair.

The Primo was not a fussy amplifier, and offers up a pride of ownership factor that is hard to deny. It easily allowed me to hear the difference between various interconnects I also found the Primo amp responded to power cord experimentation, with the best results coming when coupled with a Transparent PowerLink in my system. I am sure it would respond to various other tweaks, but I loved it right out of the box. I strongly recommend an audition if you are in the market for a sub $2500 integrated amp, I dare say the Unico Primo may be a best buy in this market for purists who don’t need “modern” features that may compromise sound quality. I say bravo Unison Research! ”

You can read the full review here.