Tom Evans Audio Design Groove Anniversary MkII Phono Stage

September 9, 2015


Jason Kennedy has posted a review of the Tom Evans Audio Design Groove Anniversary MkII phono stage (£2400) at The Ear. His conclusions:

“Calm is the good word when describing the Groove, it takes everything in its stride and no matter how dense the material never seems to struggle. It’s a very low distortion conduit to the musical joy that vinyl offers. It won’t turn mediocre recordings into amazing ones but it will let you hear more of what has gone on in the studio or on the stage when they were made. It gets you closer to that place in time and space where the magic happened. The only disconcerting thing is that there are several better stages in the Tom Evans Audio Design range, you have to wonder if there are enough superlatives to go round?”

You can read the full review here.