Thrax Audio Dionysos DAC, Maximinus Preamplifier, and Heros Monoblocks

April 6, 2013


Srajan Ebaen has posted a review of the Thrax Audio Dionysos DAC (€15,000), Maximinus preamplifier (€24,000), and Heros monoblock amplifiers (€24,000/pair) at 6moons. His conclusions:

“Which gets us to my final assessment effort, theoretical concept vs. audible deliverance. Some companies approach ours for sound. None equal us on silence. I tried hard to correlate that claim and its costly consequence to float all circuits between transformers on either end with what I heard. The theory really appealed. It read spot on. In practice I couldn’t hear the advantage. Worse, a very obvious ground loop when my Bent Audio passive replaced the Dionysos undermined the claim that complete transformer coupling would categorically eliminate ground loops. When at the very end of my auditions one Heros went inexplicably mute though its tube filaments were on as was the green power light, my inner cynic really felt vindicated. Here I should add that Marja & Henk previously accepted Dionysos and Spartacus loaners but cancelled their review due to technical issues and noise. Had Rumen only stuck to just dispatching the preamp as solicited, my findings would have run on a lot more enthusiastic steam. Instead the assignment became mostly a demonstrator for my personal ineptitude at getting on and along with the luxury pricing program at hand. Where was Jonathan Valin when one needed him?”

You can read the full review here.