T+A PA 2500 R Integrated Amplifier and G 2000 R Turntable

February 14, 2016


Rene van Es has posted a review of the T+A PA 2500 R integrated amplifier (£5577) and G 2000 R turntable (£4719) at The Ear. His conclusions:

“In the PA 2500 R integrated amplifier and the G 2000 R record player T+A has created two components that combine solid build, flawless operation and exceptional sound quality. They made sure the amplifier is as flexible as possible, with the option to correct small, room acoustic related problems. The numerous inputs and the available output power make the amplifier a real all-rounder, one that proved capable with both large (costly) and small (more affordable) loudspeakers. The record player is very easy to install, there are no silly adjustments, put down the LP, lower the arm and enjoy the music.”

You can read the full review here.