Synergistic Research FEQ and HFT Room Tuning Devices

April 6, 2014


Mike Girardi has posted a review of the Synergistic Research FEQ ($995) and HFT ($75 each) room tuning devices at Stereo Times. His conclusions:

“It’s my belief that if you are putting together an audio system and skip treating the room, you’ll never hear how good your system really is. The FEQ and HFTs has brought me closer to the music more than any product I have ever reviewed. Compared to my previous reference at nearly half the price and considering its size and how it’s applied within our family room (happy wife … happy life), the combination of FEQ and HFTsis my new reference. The FEQ and HFT is a paradigm shift in room treatment device design and delivers on its promised performance. Highly recommended.”

You can read the full review here.