Stein Music Speaker Match

June 6, 2012

Robert H. Levi, Jr. has posted a review of the Stein Music Speaker Match speaker tweaks ($298/pair) at Positive Feedback. His conclusions:

“I am about ready to go out on a limb here. I already named the Stein Musical Harmonizers Audio’s Missing Link. But, here I go again! The Stein Music Speaker Matches are truly the Audio Holy Grail, catapulting your top system to a level of realism unattainable by any other device that I’ve ever heard! I cannot help it that it is so inexpensive. Sure, I would be more comfortable recommending the Speaker Matches if they were $1900 per pair, not $298. The Stein Music Speaker Matches are instantly musically transformative, thoroughly enhance and refine your listening experience, are easy to use, and are set-and-forget-it. I discovered them; you will enjoy them to the max. I surely am!”

You can read the full review here.