Shunyata Research Hydra DPC-6 Digital Power Distribution Center

October 24, 2014


Steven Plaskin has posted a review of the Shunyata Research Hydra DPC-6 digital power distribution center ($3995) at AudioStream. His conclusions:

“The Hydra DPC-6 easily fulfills its goal of acting as a firewall to digitally induced noise. The product is beautifully built and carefully designed with no off-the shelf components to provide an enhanced sonic experience for the computer audiophile. Naturally, its application can extend to LED TV, satellite receivers, or any digital entertainment device. I have yet to find any filter or power conditioner that comes close to the Hydra DPC-6’s specialized performance. Removing the Hydra DPC-6 from my system resulted in degraded sound quality and a less enjoyable sonic experience.”

You can read the full review here.