Totem Elements Metal Loudspeakers

December 1, 2011

Phil Gold has posted a review of the Totem Elements Metal loudspeakers ($12,995/pair) at Enjoy the Music. His conclusions:

Common threads emerge from the various listening sessions. The Metal is a very low distortion device with enormous headroom. It maintains its aural balance no matter how low or high you set the volume (not a common characteristic of loudspeakers). It has the ability to play much louder without distortion than any of the speakers I have compared it with, and it images extremely well. It is not at all fussy about positioning and it also gives you a very broad sweet spot. It is on the other hand extremely fussy about the partnering electronics and about the shape and size of the room in which it is playing. With the right combination of room and electronics, it's a great speaker for large scale music and music in particular, while my vote would go to the smaller Fire for smaller scale music and smaller rooms. The price of $12,995 a pair puts it into direct competition with a number of other seriously good speakers, such as the B&W 803 Diamond, Revel Studio 2 or Wilson Audio Sophia but below the exotic Magico V2 and YG Carmel. Totem has taken a different approach and deserves to be auditioned in the safety of your own home if you are ready for its big sound.

You can read the full review here.