Sharp XV-Z17000 3D Projector

March 19, 2011

David Birch-Jones has posted a review of the Sharp XV-Z17000 3D projector ($5000) at AVGuide. His conclusions:

With both 3D and 2D content, the Sharp delivers an excellent picture. The 3D imagery is smooth and free of artifacts such as ghosting and flicker, and the 3D Effect control allows the user to dial up or down the 3D depth. But for the $5K asking price, the projector lacks key features that others in both 2D and 3D classes provide, including motorized zoom, focus, anamorphic lens modes and most importantly lens shift.

Compared to the JVC DLA-X3, an LCoS-based 3D projector that retails for $500 less than the Sharp, the XV-Z17000 must be considered a bare-bones model in terms of its feature set. However, the Sharp does deliver a compelling 3D experience, and the set’s performance with 2D material is similarly enticing.

You can read the full review here.