Selah Audio Verita Loudspeakers

December 31, 2010

Tim Shea has posted a review of the Selah Audio Verita loudspeakers ($2650/pair) at Soundstage Hi-Fi. Measurements taken in the anechoic chamber at Canada’s National Research Council are also posted. His conclusions:

I’m not sure I can unqualifiedly recommend the Selah Audio Verita to those in the market for small monitor speakers; I could very easily see them overpowering or being constricted by the smaller spaces in which such products are typically used. You’d have to hear them in your own room. I’m much more comfortable recommending these little beasts to those who think they want medium-size floorstanders — the Verita probably sounds bigger and more robust than many, if not most, of them. It looks to me as if the money you save in not buying all the cabinetry of a floorstander has instead gone into the Verita’s top-notch drivers, without sacrificing the things people want to buy floorstanding speakers for in the first place.

But I don’t want anyone to think these minimonsters are all about physicality or brute force. They are supremely musical devices fully capable of uncovering and communicating the most important aspects of recorded sound. They don’t reach too far into the upper or the lower extreme, but they pretty much nail everything in between, which is where, for most people, music lives. They might not be for the ultra-analytical audiophile who needs to hear every detail spotlit and clearly etched in space, but it’s hard for me to envision anyone else not being mightily impressed by the total package offered in Selah Audio’s Verita.

You can read the full review here.