Oppo BDP-93 Universal 3D Blu-Ray Player

March 11, 2011

Andre Marc has posted a review of the Oppo BDP-93 Universal 3D Blu-Ray player ($499) at Audio Video Revolution. His conclusions:

From every standpoint, the BPD-93 is easy to recommend. The build quality is crazy good. Video quality across all formats is superb. While not state of the art in audio playback, it only suffers in comparison to disc players costing four or five times as much. But in my opinion, the ability to playback any type of disc, including audiophile formats like SACD and DVD-A and high resolution music via USB input at this price point is beyond comprehension. Several years ago you would have needed 4 or 5 boxes to accomplish all this.

re there cheaper Blu-Ray players? Sure, but they will under perform the BDP-93 and their cheapo plastic enclosures and inferior parts will give in to the self fulling prophecy of planned obsolesence, and the inevitable destination, your local landfill. Not to mention Oppo continually updates its firmware as consumers demand new features and their engineers refine what is already a no stress user interface.

Take into consideration, this is the first Blu-Ray player I have had in my system, although I have experienced networked Blu-Ray players in other settings. After spending some quality time with the BDP-93 I can only imagine it being bettered by one other sub $1000 player, and that would be the brand new flagship Oppo, the BDP-95, priced at $999, which is loaded with additional features like a 32 bit DAC, XLR connections, and other goodies. For me the BDP-93 is a winner, and it will be part of my reference system for a while, and it will be able to hang with gear costing significantly more. The Oppo BDP-93 is yet another example of the current trend of high performance audio & video gear offering tremendous value, and then some.

You can read the full review here.