Meridian 810 4K Projector and Video Procesor System

August 2, 2011

John Archer has posted a review of the Meridian 810 4K projector and video processor system (₤140,000) at Home Cinema Choice. His conclusions:

If 4k2k really does become the future of AV at some point – and it surely will – then on the basis of what the 810 has shown me, movie fans have every right to be feeling very excited indeed about what lies ahead. Of course, if you're not short of a few bob, you could always just get yourself an 810 Reference Video System now, and live it up with a projector that already feels a generation ahead of the next generation…

The future of home cinema is 4K – and this pixel-packed paradise might not be as far away as you think. As mentioned earlier in the main article, while the 810 Reference Video System is well ahead of the curve with its enthusiasm for picture resolution, the rest of the AV world is starting to appreciate it, too…

It remains to be seen if the 4K advantage really pays off on 'normal'-sized TV screens. So far, it's only been properly demo'ed on projectors or really massive (100in plus) screens, like Panasonic's TH-152UX1. But for today, at least, to hell with all the caveats. Our experience with the Meridian 810 has got us feeling so giddy and giggly about the whole 4K thing that for now, at least, we simply refuse to countenance any negativity. So there.

You can read the full review here.