Living Voice Vox Olympian Loudspeaker

September 25, 2010

Edward Barker has posted his review of the very unusual, and expensive, Living Voice Vox Olympian ($194,000) loudspeaker at His conclusions:

I’ve tried to keep this piece as close as possible to the original notes as I made them during the listening sessions. Even if my reactions may appear to be over the top in the cold light of day, they represent as accurate a description of what was happening as I could describe. I felt it was extraordinary to listen to music in this way and come away in awe at the sheer emotional and connective power these speakers possess. I listened to this system in a variety of iterations over several years and heard many exceptional pieces of music. Prokoviev’s Cinderella Suite Opus 87 [2004], Argerich and Pletnev (DG B0003109-02), George Crumb’s unsettling Apparition [1979, Onyx Classics 4021], Beethoven’s Opus 18 N°.1 and 2 performed by the Quartetto Italiano [Philips 1997] and Mozart’s Don Giovanni [Harmonia Mundi HMC901964] remain the towering musical events of the last few visits.

While the musical programme may have changed each time, each individual performance emerged as an intense life experience with vividly rich colors and flavours, with a clarity of vision, heightened perception and depth of immersion into the music itself that made for unforgettable memories. If you are wondering where the pinnacle in musical reproduction as a real and profound experience is happening, it is here.

You can read the full review here.