Krell S1200u Processor and S1500 Amplifier

February 19, 2011

Richard Stevenson has posted a review of the Krell S1200u surround sound processor () and S1500 five channel amplifier ($5495) at Home Cinema Choice. His conclusions:

The battle scenes In LOTR: Return of the King (Blu-ray) are utterly believable, placing you in the thick of the action and the emotion. With the Oliphants charging across the plains. arrows howling through the air and ore armies meeting the Riders of Rohan, the Krells show the utmost respect for this cinematic masterpiece .It is simply massive, potent and convincing, with no one part of the sound drawing overt attention to the actual production. Likewise, dialogue benefits from the lucid and natural balance, seemingly flowing into the room. There is admirable accuracy in the placement of each character's voice, but not so that it becomes an effect in itself.

More impressive still is how this naturalness translates with music, both multi-channel and stereo. Krell's heritage in the audiophile amplifier market shines out from the first disc, blending its silky smooth and even hand with detail resolution like no other AV amplifier. Again, there are no artificial fireworks, no overtly excessive bass punch and no ear-searing top-end extension. What remains Is the music, tantalizingly real and Infectiously emotive. From the audio-definitive Legends of Jazz Blu-ray, Take Five by Al Jarreau and Kurt Elling oozes from the speakers like warm honey on a Summer's day luring you in with Its vocal articulation and musical sweetness. The Krells offer amazing timing and ensure that any rhythm-based tune will get your feet tapping and head bobbing in seconds.

You can read the full review here.