Jamo R907 Loudspeakers

November 23, 2010

Greg Borrowman has posted a review of the Jamo R907 loudspeakers ($4999) at AVHub. His conclusions:

Although I’d be the first to say that when it comes to choosing a pair of loudspeakers you should never sacrifice sound quality for appearance, I have to say that the Jamo R909 was the first loudspeaker I’d ever experienced that gave me pause to question this advice. The R909s just looked so good (particularly without their grilles) that I could well imagine that many people would purchase them merely for their intrinsic aesthetic qualities, for much the same reason that some people buy grand pianos they never play—because they’ll ‘look good’ in their living room. When it comes to the R909s, such a ‘sound quality vs. aesthetics’ argument could remain hypothetical for most Australians, because Jamo’s flagship speakers are priced at a point that puts them beyond the reach of most of us.

However, when it comes to the R907s, which have nearly the same performance and sound quality as the R909s, and which are almost the same physical size—and are certainly visually identical—the argument is no longer hypothetical, because the R907s are much, much more affordable. So I am going to avoid the argument by concluding that since the R907s sound every bit as good as they look, it really doesn’t matter which side of the argument you favour, because if you buy pair, you’ll get the best of both!

You can read the full review here.