Gemme Audio Tonic G5 Loudspeakers

April 14, 2011

Colin Smith has posted a review of the Gemme Audio Tonic G5 loudspeakers ($1395/pair) at GoodSound. His conclusions:

The Gemme Audio Tonic G5 is an outstanding speaker. It is the most exciting audio product I’ve crossed paths with this year, and it’s the biggest bargain, too. In fact, it’s probably all the speaker that most people with smaller rooms will ever need or want. Mated to a subwoofer worthy of it for the lowest octaves, the G5 would do well almost anywhere. Gemme Audio might be less than a decade old, but if they continue to knock them out of the park as they have the Tonic G5, they’ll be around for a very long time indeed.

You can read the full review here.