Electrocompaniet Prelude System

October 15, 2010

Adam LaBarge has posted a review of the Electrocompaniet Prelude System (together, $7239) at Dagogo. His conclusions:

Analytically the best way to describe sound produced from the Prelude system is, slightly rolled off highs at the top-end of the frequency spectrum, the treble and mids in general are a bit louder than the lows, and the sound boarderlines on analog smoothness. The treble and mids are silky and clear. But the clarity and thump of the bottom-end leaves a little to be desired. They are pretty small bookshelf speakers, so the slight lack of bottom-end punch, at least in my mid sized room, isn’t too surprising. Those are the facts of the system as I have heard them in my listening room. Regardless, many nights I found myself locked in a trance, sucked into the sound of the system. I’ve yet to hear something similarly engaging without having to cut off a leg to afford it.

You can read the full review here.