Dynaudio Focus 340 Loudspeaker

September 15, 2011

has posted a review of the Dynaudio Focus 340 loudspeaker (/pair) at 6moons. His conclusions:

To be frank, Dynaudio’s Focus 340 blew me away. What’s offered for the price is bloody impressive. This is clearly one of those 'nobody needs more' products. €4.900 aren’t scratch of course. It’s a nice family vacation or fulfillment of another desire. But it’s not stratospheric either and for many still within reach. Dynaudio talks of "the important middle ground of the high-end". Even though that's a slick marketing term, it does point at something very relevant.

Sonically this speaker is far more than middle class. I couldn’t identify any real weakness. I can’t even get specific and recommend it for "predominantly Jazz, Rock, Pop, Rap or classic listeners" as writers do for specialized performers. The Dynaudio Focus 340 is so well balanced that anything goes. Call it an all-around talent par excellence then, key word dynamic expressivity. If you’re in the speaker market and shopping this price range, the new Danish slim tower is a must audition.

You can read the full review here.