Dynaudio Focus 110A Active Loudspeakers

October 25, 2010

Jason Victor Serinus has posted a review of the Dynaudio Focus 110A active loudspeakers ($2450/pair) at Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity. Here’s a preview:

Nonetheless, I am blessed with enough Nordost cables to be able to use a pair of Odin interconnects between the Focus 110As, and Odin power cables on the Benchmark DAC1 USB and Thor power conditioner. The speakers themselves are powered with Nordost Valhalla.

Yes, I am well aware that the Nordost cables cost far, far more than the Focus 110As. Some readers may even go apoplectic at the thought. Relax. Take your medication. If you’re into Blue Jeans or the Shack or Home Depot, and are tempted to raise the Don’t Tread on Me flag, don’t let me stop you. Readers who want to experiment with costlier cabling that justifies its price in terms of sonic improvements, however, will find that excellent cabling unleashes more of the Focus 110A’s ultimate potential.

Shortly after I received the speakers, I replaced their stock fuses with fuses from HiFi-Tuning. The principle is simple. All the current going to the amplifiers passes through the little wire in the fuse. Fuses made with superior wire and terminations will have less impact on the sound. The theory is so simple that I can’t believe people see red at the thought. Besides, you can hear the difference. I have also used fuses from Isotek. Since HiFi-Tuning came out with its Silver Star line, I have not performed a back-to-back comparison of the two.

I have also experimented with aftermarket USB cables between my computer and the Benchmark DAC1 USB. Though it’s possible, by the time this review is published, that Nordost will have issued its long-awaited USB cable, I’ve so far experimented with cables from Cardas, Wireworld, and Kimber. The Cardas is very smooth, and excels at midrange warmth. The silver Kimber may be less plush, but it is more alive and brilliant on top. Ultimate preference depends as much on your system as your taste. While I currently gravitate toward the Kimber. I expect that the Nordost will prove the most synergistic match with my Nordost-rich set-up.

You can read the full review here.