Dynamic Design Cables

December 21, 2011

has posted a review of the Dynamic Design’s MK2-XLR digital cable ($1000), SE-XLR interconnects ($1800), Lotus MK2 AC powercord ($1000), and Spirit MK2 digital AC powercord ($1200) at Stereo Times. His conclusions:

Some very fine cables, digital, interconnect and power, have cycled through my stereo over the years and, frankly, I would be hard pressed to say cable X is fabulous but cable Y is just so-so. Maybe I've just been very lucky, but in my opinion all these cables have been carefully thought out and constructed in order to implement and fulfill a particular design philosophy. All of them have sounded good relative to one another, albeit with sometimes subtle and sometimes more obvious differences. In this rather brief review I have pointed out a number of salient characteristics of this partial set of Dynamic Design cables. What I must reiterate is perhaps the most important thing an audiophile can say about any component: the sheer musical enjoyment it provides. In the months they have been in the stereo I have been partaking of an auditory feast. Although I am a little disappointed not to have learned more about the materials and construction of Dynamic Design cables, I have found them to be a convincing source of musical pleasure and among the very best I've heard. For anyone in the cable market, I unhesitatingly urge an audition of these beauties from Dynamic Design.

You can read the full review here.